BIM Engineering

BIM Engineering : The demand for the building information modelling service is becoming high and there are many construction projects that need this BIM engineering services. Any modern construction will need the BIM services, in this service we not only provide the building’s digital representation but we also facilitate great level of interoperability and collaborate well with the design environment. At our company we provide brilliant BIM services and use the high level software and tools like Autodesk REvit for tackling all our BIM service. The Autodesk REvit is the multidirectional database application which will allow edition and changes from one area automatically to the other area; this will include layouts, schedules, 3D model and elevations too. Using this technology we will create or handle any planning design in a qualitative way.


We have created building information modelling for many structures and projects that include:

  •  Office Complex
  • Apartments
  • Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels And Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Gym
  • Reports
  • Hotels And Clubs
  • Malls

We provide BIM services that include everything from 3D BIM modelling to extracting construction drawings. The BIM service will help you to modify and update all the elements evenly all over the model.

Our start to end BIM services will provide the following services too:

Our BIM engineering service handles projects for the various sectors like:

Retail BIM – the REvit services for the retail sector needs full quality and potential. The retail sector is touching peak with plenty of construction projects. Building designs mainly for the retail sector is too complex and time consuming. But we have proven records of handling all the retail BIM projects with ease. We have solved and given solution to more than hundreds of retail projects with our excellent BIM solutions. In our retail BIM projects we have handled community centres, shopping malls, super markets apart from the above mentioned services. We also provide 4D and 5D BIM results, apart from providing architectural construction project drawing in detail. We take up MEP drawings and structural production drawing services too.

Residential BIM – in this section we have excellent record in handling residential projects from all over the world including countries like Canada, Australia and USA. We are authorized for handling global residential projects too. This gives us a scope to use our REvit modelling service in our architectural design project. With our BIM project solution getting approval from planning commission becomes easy and simple.

Renovation and reconstruction – in this section we provide our BIM services for remodelling, redesigning and reconstruction work too, this includes government buildings, colleges and schools too. We also take up monuments and historical building BIM work. We employ the latest software and techniques that include laser scanning, BIM modelling and refurbishing projects. At our service area we convert efficiently laser scan formats to REvit BIM models.

Last but not the least our add on team works constantly round the clock and work on trouble shooting problems and fix any complex issues within no time cost effectively.