Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering : We are providing high quality electrical CAD services for businesses, homes and also maintenance services with our professional technical team. We always consider the references given by customers to give them complete satisfaction by which our business also expands continuously. We got specialization in the 2D aspects and designing jobs of industrial & commercial and also service and design of the industrial process controls.

Few of the electrical services which we are providing are mentioned below:

  • Panel Changes
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Outdoor Power Sources
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Sub – Panel Installation

Engineers in our company are professional, well educated, knowledgeable, dependable and are the main key to the progress of the business. We use all methods such as schemes of distribution, wiring, power installations & systems like standby supplies and alarms and also protection for lighting in the electrical services. We will prepare complete report format to avoid any kind of issues which can arise in the electrical drawing and electrical 2D drawings. We got high reputation in the field of designing drawing in 2D aspect and completed many utility construction and heavy industrial projects successfully.

Our main aim is to provide customer satisfaction, value addition and also better service to all those who deal with us. Our work is process driven and also result oriented and also strives to increase the quality of all the processes along with latest technology. We provide customer friendly electrical services with flexibility to maintain long term relationship with each and every customer.

Electrical Designing

Electrical Engineers in our company are well experienced and qualified in doing electrical tasks around the world. We can provide high quality designing services than that of any other designing firms in India at reasonable price. Also we can do Electrical CAD drawings if customer needs it. Our electrical design services team is having excellent skills and resources to give fast reply to any tenders and to complete the projects on time within the budget. Also the Electrical Design Services team of our company can give better solutions to any kind of issues immediately. It is a truth that the process of giving electrical design services to an existing building is very tough but with using proper skills and experience our electrical designers are doing it perfectly.

Our company provides custom tailored and creative electrical designs services to all our customers. Also we are experts in handling preliminary, conceptual and detailed 2D design jobs according to the requirements of customers. Also we are specialists in hand drawn sketch conversion, complete electrical drawing and 2D drawings. We will accept the formats such as AutoCAD files, PDF files, JPEG or GIF files, photos, pictures, handmade sketches, scanned images and also many types of electrical files from our customers.

Electrical Drafting

Our company is having dedicated professionals to perform 2D drawing & 2D drafting, electrical drawing and drafting and also all types of electrical engineering drafting tasks by maintaining international standards. Before commencing the manufacturing process, we initially finalize electrical drawings and then produce other important documents such as control panel layouts and wiring / control drawings. We are experts in doing electrical drafting services for commercial buildings, residential buildings, Electrical rooms, Substation, Educational institution buildings, Industrial buildings and also Hospitals.

Below are some of our specialized services related to Electrical Drafting:

We are using different software such as Input formats, AutoCAD, AutoCAD files (dwf, dwg and dxf) and images such as JPEG, TIFF, Scanned images, PDF files and also Hand Made Sketches. We are dealing with small and big customers and individuals such as developers, architects, contractors and consulting engineers. We give same importance to both small and big projects even if it is simple drafting or 2D drafting. Our electrical draftsmen team members are specialized in architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering to meet all kind of needs of customers efficiently.

Customers can get mechanical 2D drafting and mechanical design services for reasonable prices from us. We have options to work on more than 300 image formats like JPEG, IMG, PDF, PCX, GIF, PICT, TIFF and many more. We will convert these images into completely editable multi layer mechanical drawing formats later. We collects mechanical drafting CAD projects and mechanical design as scanned images also and then makes it into complete mechanical drawing / design perfectly as per the requirements of customer.


Electrical system now is consists of proprietary solutions which allows application exchanges among automotive OEMs and suppliers. So it is not easy to make changes in ECU suppliers in the products of these days.

In the field of electrical safety and services the complexity is more in embedded software due to the advancement of technology. Variations in sources of electrical system must be considered while designing embedded software.

Life Cycle

Complete life cycle of electrical services consists of statistics, analysis, industry growth rate, market share of the competitors and also market size information. Details analysis is also a must which should be done on operating cost structure, barriers to entry, international and domestic markets, systems and technology, statistics and tables with industry revenue, imports, exports, geographic regional details, wages, growth of industry and many more in electrical industry.

Life cycle consists of market analysis of information for the planning of business, start – ups, valuations and strategic reviews. This part of Life Cycle provides the details of present stage of electrical industry. There is one more section in electrical life cycle called Industry Performance which helps to analyze the current and historical performance of the industry. Current Performance section makes the analysis for last 5 years and discusses key performance indicators while Historical Performance section gives information about the events conducted before in developing the industry.

Project Execution

Our dedicated and experienced staff assures the success of each and every project with high quality according to the requirements of customers.

Customer can get many benefits by assigning any type of electrical services tasks to our professional engineers such as:

The electrical industry is developing day by day with the integration of latest systems. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed to all our customers with the help of these latest systems and dedicated engineers associated with our company.