Fire Protection System

A fire protection system is the very basic and mandatory requirement for any building whether it is a residential building, commercial building, Institutional building, hospital or Industrial building.

An effective and mandatory requirement of any fire protection system define based on the following fire design codes in India:

  • NBC (National Building Code)
  • TAC (Tariff Advisory Committee)
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

As a Fire Engineering Consultants we have a team of Fire Engineers who can help you to understand exact requirement of fire protection system. As fire Consultants, here at Brilliant Approach Private Limited (BAPL) we include the following as our engineering and design services:

Fire Protection System Design

Under the division of Fire Protection System Design of Brilliant Approach we provide the followings:

  • Design Basis Reports for Fire Protection System
  • P & ID and schematics of complete fire system including pump room and hydrant system
  • Piping and equipment layout for fire protection system
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Material Specifications
  • Tender Documents including contract conditions and other formats
  • Tender floating to various contractors
  • Review of proposals from Contractors
  • Preparation of Comparative Statement
  • Finalization of contractor
  • GFC drawings
  • Review and finalization of shop drawings for fire protections system
  • Site supervision and project management
  • Review and approval of As Built drawings

Apart from mentioned above we have our customized services for the below mentioned services in Fire Protection System:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We provide the total integrated building design and construction through 3d drawings (three dimensional drawings) providing real time, dynamic building Modeling using computer added design (CAD) capabilities.

We provide complete coordinated drawings and layouts of all the fire protection system with all other services to get an accurate drawings to produce a comprehensive and consistent design which can be execute for construction.

Code Consulting

As a Fire Consulting Engineers, we do have experts of all the fire design codes like NBC, TAC, NFPA and FM Global and we do provide consulting for code these fire codes. Whether client need to know about design codes applicable for domestic and residential building or Industrial building, we are here to provide any type of consulting related fire protection design codes.

Site Surveys

Brilliant Approach provides services required to review the existing facilities to protect the premises from fire and for the proposed facilities as well to provide the complete fire protection system.

We can do the site surveys to get exact requirement of fire protection system to client as well as to fire contractors.

Hydraulic Calculations

Hydraulic calculations for fire protection system is the most important part and it do required an intensive knowledge of calculations and the applicable fire codes.

We can provide the hydraulic calculations for fire hydrant system, hydraulic calculations for fire sprinkler system, hydraulic calculations for pump room and for any other system applicable in fire protection.

These hydraulic calculations for fire protection can be manual as well as third party software based depending on the requirement of client as well as fire contractors. 

Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans

Fire evacuation plans are the written and architectural view on the document which guide regarding the actions to be taken in the event of fire. Fire emergency evacuation plans includes the guidelines to the staff of facilities to for the actions needs to be taken during accident of fire as well as the route and exit directions to move out from premises.

Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans are mandatory for any of the industries as well as Commercial Buildings.

Here at Brilliant Approach we help our client to develop such type of Fire Emergency Evacuation plans.